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FP7 interim evaluation: €28.5 billion to respond to the Union's scientific challenges. Jean-Pierre Audy MEP


08 Jun 2011

"Europe's future is in research and innovation. By adopting my Report with an overwhelming majority today, the European Parliament is sending a clear message to the European Commission on the direction to give to future calls for projects in the 7th Framework Programme (FP7)", said Jean-Pierre Audy MEP after his Report on the mid-term review of the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union for research, technological development and demonstration activities was adopted by the European Parliament at its plenary session on Wednesday 8 June.


During the plenary debate on 6 June, the MEP recalled the context in which his Report was drafted: "We are still getting out of the economic crisis with a fragile economy and in these times of scarce public money, the sums at stake are important. €28.5 billion still need to be programmed for 2011, 2012 and 2013", said Jean-Pierre Audy MEP.


The MEP insisted on two major elements for the future of European research:

      simplification: "We need to simplify the future and settle the past. Our payments need to be simplified. We will reduce the number of mistakes this way. The possibility of independent audits should be recognised. An independent mediation could take place on the basis of these audits in order to prevent the European Court of Justice from having to arbitrate disputes that might occur between the controlled entities and the European Commission";

    * responding to society's greatest challenges (demographic challenges, health, space, energy supply, sustainable development, the fight against climate change, etc..), which comes with an increase in the participation of SMEs and of industry in general, as well as a higher participation of women. A more harmonious distribution of research at European level is also necessary, while respecting the fundamental principle of excellence, which would allow us to benefit from the world's best researchers.

Jean-Pierre Audy regretted that his proposal for a European research strategy for the defence industry was not kept in the Report. "The time has come for the European Union and for Member states to consider, on the basis of the Treaty's Article 45, a significant research programme on defence equipment and, of course, on dual-use equipment in order to strengthen the industrial and technological foundation of the defence sector while improving the efficiency of public spending in the military sector", concluded the MEP.


(Translation from the original French)


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