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Former Ministers of the Environment Call for Real Progress at Cancun


19 Nov 2010


Climate & Environment
Global Europe

The failure of Copenhagen pushes us to roll up our sleeves and innovate in terms of governance. The Association of Former Ministers of the Environment is issuing the Call of Cancun to the Heads of State, ministers and negotiators of all countries, urging real progress for the 16th Conference of the Parties, the final stage before the end of the Kyoto Protocol.

We who have held ministerial office are particularly well-placed to understand the need to balance the global demands which confront our societies and the constraints on governments in power – not least in a period of economic crisis. In taking both into account, we believe that governments must, as a matter of urgency, commit themselves to the creation of a green economy. The tragic fires in Russia and the disastrous flooding in Pakistan should serve to remind us all of our common responsibility to safeguard the planet on which we depend.

We recognise that the battle against climate change demands the creation of a fairer world in which all may share with greater justice and equity.  This in turn demands that the North massively reduces its emissions of greenhouse gases so that the low carbon economies, notably those of the South, are fully capable of growing in a way which is sustainable.

We therefore call on governments to improve on their promises made after Copenhagen by strengthening their financial commitments to the fight against climate change and the promotion of adaptation of the countries of the South.  To this end, we ask them to agree to the introduction of a global tax on financial transactions to be used directly to fund this objective as an addition to development aid.


The call is signed by:

Corinne Lepage, Sergio Marchi,  Juan Mayr, Satu Hassi, Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio, Dang Huu, Charles Goerens, Klaus Töpfer, Sirpa Pietikäinen, Ahmed Alami,    John Gummer, Serge Lepeltier


The Association of Former Ministers of the Environment and International Leaders of the Environment, AFM-ILE, brings together individuals who have held ministerial or equivalent positions on the environment in order to continue to work, at the international level, to promote sustainable development.



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