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Fit for 55: The Time for Hydrogen is Now


14 Jul 2021


Climate & Environment
The climate ambition of the Fit for 55 package will be met by boosting the deployment and uptake of clean hydrogen in the industry, energy and transport sectors.

Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, Secretary General of Hydrogen Europe, commented: “The EU has come one step closer to becoming a global leader in hydrogen development. By putting targets on the use of hydrogen in industry and transport the EU stands a real chance to achieve climate objectives, create thousands of jobs and protect its industry. There is no time to lose – delivering on the Fit for 55 must start today!”

Developing an EU hydrogen economy and a homegrown hydrogen industry is critical to meeting the EU Green Deal objectives. The Fit for 55 package gives a significant boost to the development of the European hydrogen industry through: 

  • 50% target on the share of renewable hydrogen consumption in industry;
  • concrete and ambitious targets for hydrogen and hydrogen derivatives in the Fuel EU maritime proposal;
  • one hydrogen refuelling station available every 150 km along the TEN-T core network (enabling synergies between the TEN-T and TEN-E corridors);
  • 2.6% target for renewable fuels of non-biological origin.
In 2020 the European Commission put forward a Hydrogen Strategy, setting out the ambition to make the EU a global leader in hydrogen development. Today’s Fit for 55 package puts us on the path to 55% greenhouse gas emissions reductions in 2030 and sets us on course to delivering climate neutrality by 2050. Today represents an important step to walk the talk via concrete legislation. The time for hydrogen is now. 

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