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FIEC confirms central role of construction in achieving the #EUGreenDeal objectives


11 Dec 2019


Sustainable Dev.
Climate & Environment
Having held many hypothetical discussions over the last few weeks, we can now dig into the detail of the Green Deal to analyse its implications for our industry” says FIEC President Kjetil Tonning, on the publication of the EU Green Deal. “As contractors, we are committed to sustainable construction and we will study the communication over the coming days, to see how it matches our initial expectations. It is clear that our industry will play a key role in the achievement of its objectives.
In a statement launching the Green Deal, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said “this is Europe’s man on the moon moment”. She went on to say that “we owe it to our children” to take action now.  Amongst the highlights of her short statement, she mentioned “50 actions for 2050” as well as an investment of €100BN for the “most vulnerable regions and sectors”. 
Long advocating for an acceleration in the annual building renovation rate, action that could help achieve Mrs von der Leyen’s pledge to make Europe the “first climate neutral continent by 2050”, FIEC welcomes the emphasis on the need to improve efforts in this direction, whilst reminding policy makers that energy efficiency retrofitting needs to be done in parallel with other necessary repairs and maintenance, such as those aimed at structural reinforcement and safety improvements.
On the new Circular Economy Action Plan, Tonning says “Following our joint declaration on construction in the Circular Economy in May this year, our messages remain broadly the same. We support the resource efficiency policies of the European Union and we hope that this new Action Plan will really address the need for solutions to the practical challenges we face, in completing the transition to circular construction.  These include the need for improved sorting and recycling facilities close to construction sites, standardisation of secondary materials; and supportive procurement policies that will enable the public sector to set the example of a changing attitude towards acceptance of secondary materials as the norm, when it is safe to use them and when insurers are willing to provide the necessary guarantees.
FIEC will cooperate with the EU institutions and other relevant partners to ensure that the Green Deal becomes a success story.