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FIA welcomes European legislation on periodic vehicle testing


12 Mar 2014



Publication date: 11 March 2014

On 11 March, the European Parliament voted on vehicle periodic technical inspections (PTI) within the Roadworhtiness package, specifically bringing harmonised minimum standards that allow Member States to adapt elements when implementing.

“MEPs have brought a very balanced view to periodic technical inspections,” said Jacob Bangsgaard, Director General of FIA Region I. He continued, “the resulting legislation, wisely, does not to go beyond what is needed to protect safety and the environment. It avoids undue administrative or financial burden on motorists, while also allowing Member States the flexibility to implement it in a manner which suits the national context.” 

Key features of this legislation that are of beneficial to motorists, include:

  • Maintaining a minimum frequency of 4 year 2 year 2 year for vehicle inspections: Evidence from FIA Automobile Clubs indicates that a new vehicle which undergoes technical inspections at this frequency will maintain safety, without over-burdening motorists with extra costs.

  • Directive not Regulation: This allows Member States to adapt the legislation according to their specific national circumstances, in line with subsidiarity and proportionality principles.

  • Caravans and powered two wheelers need more investigation: Vehicle types where not enough information was available, specifically caravans and powered two wheelers, were not included in the minimum harmonised requirements and gives sufficient leeway to Member States to implement tests, appropriately, at a later date.

  • Tackling mileage fraud: The legislation includes the examination as to whether a cross border database to track odometer readings could be a feasible step in tackling mileage fraud. While this has to be complemented by a technical solution, the FIA supports this proposal as a first step towards dealing with the problem.


Mileage fraud is costing consumers billions of euros every year. Tracking odometer readings at a European level can be a method to reduce the problem. Although, in the long-term, only a technical solution can definitively solve the problem. It is an issue that the FIA is prioritising with legislators by holding a demonstration event on 19 March in Brussels and promoting its inclusion in the mandate of next European Paliament, through the election campaign Mobility 2014.




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FIA Region I Policy Brief on Periodic Technical Inspections


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+32 2 282 0813