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FIA sees room for improvement in Package Travel Directive


12 Mar 2014



Publication date: 12 March 2014

On 11 March, MEPs voted to update the Package Travel Directive with mixed results for consumers. Greater assistance requirements, a 5-night hotel stay for unforeseeable delays and contact information by phone and email will bring some new and better protections. However, the FIA sees areas that clearly could have improved the legislation, specifically through an obligation on package operators to notify passengers of their rights and a more inclusive understanding of package travel. 

“Although we appreciate the efforts made to improve package travel for consumers, MEPs missed the opportunity to make a legislation that is future proof by limiting the definition of what ‘package travel’ entails,” said Jacob Bangsgaard, Director General of FIA Region I. He continued, “We are also concerned that consumers will not be aware of their rights as there is no obligation on operators to share this information. Therefore the EU must foresee another method by which this can be communicated to the public.” 

The original legislation was created in 1990 and was due for an update. MEPs extended the responsibilities of operators by insisting on a free method to contact if a traveller has a complaint, via email, and giving travellers up to three years to make a claim. 

However, the legislation gives operators the right to increase prices by up to 8% from listed prices after booking, which can mean the difference between an affordable trip and one that is too expensive for many travellers.



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FIA Region I Policy Brief on the package travel Directive 

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