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FIA Eurocouncil outlines expectations of the Swedish EU Presidency


03 Jul 2009



The SwedishPresidency, which was launched yesterday identifies the following priorities in the field of transport: the EU’s future transport policy framework after 2010, efficient freight transport logistics and ITS (intelligent transport technologies). Each of these policy priorities should contribute to a better mobility in Europe and so to increased welfare.

The FIA Eurocouncil particularly welcomes the high importance given by the Swedish government to ITS as their wider implementation will significant contribute to making mobility more reliable, more efficient, cleaner and safer. At the same time the FIA Eurocouncil draws the attention of the upcoming EU Presidency towards the highly sensitive privacy issues linked to this dossier from the consumer’s point of view.

Advanced surveillance and control technologies do not come without a series of concerns regarding the data that needs to be collected in running the related systems, for instance in the framework of the deployment of the RFID technology. The FIA will therefore closely monitor the discussions in the European Council that should lead to an agreement on the ITS Action Plan.

Within the framework of the European justice strategy plan, the FIA is looking to the Swedish presidency to ensure that procedural safeguards for suspects and defendants in criminal proceedings involving motorists throughout the EU are a key priority.

Another area where the FIA will continue to seek the support of the Swedish Presidency is the proposal for a Framework Directive on Consumer Contractual Rights. Consumers’ existing rights should be strengthened and in no way diminished due to maximum harmonisation. This is particularly important with regard to automotive purchases. It should not be forgotten that the car is the second most expensive household item for most families.

In the area of climate policy the FIA hopes that the Swedish EU Presidency will support and further enhance efforts to increase the energy efficiency in the field of mobility. Of particular interest to the FIA is the upcoming proposal regulating CO2 emissions from vans and the Swedish concern to again pick up the issue of CO2 car taxation. The Directive on the reform of car taxation, presented by the European Commission in 2005, came to a standstill in the European Council after reaching a wide agreement in the European Parliament.

“The Swedish EU Presidency comes at a critical moment in EU history. While the reform process proposed by the Lisbon treaty is still pending a new European Commission and Parliament will start their work this autumn. At a time when for many doubting consumers and citizens, Europe seems only concerned with “big business” and global issues, the Swedish presidency will need to show to all European citizens that Europe is primarily working for them. Their needs and concerns must be at the top of the agenda” stressed Werner Kraus, Chairman of the FIA Eurocouncil.


Note to the editors

The Eurocouncil of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), the leading motoring and touring organisation, represents via its 71 national motoring and touring organisations in 47 European countries, 35 million European motorists. Europe’s motoring and touring organisations have as their highest priority to put their members’ interests at the centre of Europe’s mobility policy in order to make mobility more sustainable, i.e. more reliable, cleaner and safer while keeping it affordable for all.

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