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FEP April - latest market developments


24 Apr 2012


Innovation & Enterprise

The Board of Directors of the European Federation of the Parquet Industry met in Brussels on 13 April 2012 and discussed both the parquet situation and recent indicators on the European market.

Though it is yet too early to give a reliable forecast for the current year, the information provided by the individual country representatives indicates that 2012 will be a challenging year for the European parquet producers with important variations at country level – a situation already visible in recent years and which seems to be further amplified by the persisting economic downturn in certain regions. It is hence generally an increasingly polarized picture that emerges, with some Central European and Nordic countries performing predominantly well versus a more disquieting current that has seemingly settled under Southern skies.

A brief per country recap is provided in the table below.

Market overview


2011 was a good year and 2012 started in a stable way

The country remains with a very low unemployment rate and the private sector performs well

Government debt is problematic, with little money for investments


No spectacular changes on the parquet market at start 2012

General economic picture improving on account of growing GDP, slightly decreasing unemployment rate and declining budget deficit


The market remained flat to slightly down


Slightly positive market


The first quarter of 2012 showed a flat picture

Many companies face uncertainties

New buildings are decreasing, 80% of the market is in renovation

People are predominantly uncertain and show a lack of confidence


Parquet sales in Q1 2012 rose slightly, especially wide planks

The economy in the first quarter of 2012 was positive

The construction sector performs well with an increase in building and flat permits of 20% in 2011

Overall, customers and wholesalers show some confidence


The parquet market was more or less stable in 2011, however the tendency in Q4 2011 and Q1 2012 is clearly negative

The economic situation is pretty difficult, probably the worst period since the beginning of the crisis

Many companies face or envisage permanent closures and/or stiff cuts in their working force

The financial situation does not improve, difficulties to lend money

Psychological problems and lack of confidence impede economic activity


The market is going down and remains uncertain

Activities and exports are following the same negative trend

Overall, the economy is not in a good shape


The parquet market growing in excess of 10%

Building market going up by 19% in January and February

New houses: 28,000 in 2011, 31,000 expected in 2012


The situation in Spain is really difficult

The parquet market went down in the first quarter of 2012

Parquet consumption remains uncertain but is in any case lower than last year


The market remained fairly flat in the first quarter after a sound progress last year

Competition is picking up, especially in retail as a result of a well functioning market

The Swedish Crown remains strong


FEP is pleased to welcome in its ranks Spačva d.d., parquet producer from Croatia.  


FEP, Brussels, April 2012

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