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FEDIOL welcomes extensive discussions by the Parliament on sustainable palm oil


05 Apr 2017


Agriculture & Food
Sustainable Dev.

FEDIOL, the EU Vegetable oil and Proteinmeal Industry association, welcomes that the European Parliament own initiative report on “palm oil and the deforestation of rainforests” has triggered an extensive and informed discussion. This is leading to an enhanced understanding of the challenges faced by the palm oil supply chain with regard to the sustainability of the production.

As noted in the report adopted by the European Parliament, the cultivation of palm oil can deliver positive contributions to the economic development of countries and offer viable economic opportunities to farmers, provided that palm oil is cultivated responsibly and sustainably and strict conditions for sustainable cultivation are laid down. The report recognises that, while downstream chain players have a responsibility, actions undertaken in producer countries are important, because more effective in addressing the issue of deforestation, and should therefore be given particular attention.

As the report refers to the use of palm oil and vegetable oils as biofuels, FEDIOL recalls that about 60% of European biofuels are based on domestic rapeseed. Phasing out conventional biofuels as proposed will hit agriculture, worsen our protein dependency and be detrimental to the EU commitments on renewables.

The European Parliament provides indications as regards the work that needs to be continued and reinforced at the level of sustainability standards including environmental and social laws. It calls for further monitoring and for using possible linkages with different EU policies to accelerate the supply chain transformation towards more sustainability. This will undoubtedly feed the discussions on a possible deforestation action plan to be considered later in the year.

As signatory to the 2015 Amsterdam Declaration "In Support of a Fully Sustainable Palm Oil Supply Chain by 2020", FEDIOL together with its partners in ESPOAG (European Sustainable Palm Oil Advocacy Group) continues supporting a steady up-take of sustainable palm oil in Europe.


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FEDIOL represents the interests of the European vegetable oil and protein meal industry. FEDIOL counts national associations in 12 member states and associated members in 5 other EU countries. With about 180 facilities in Europe the sector provides 20.000 direct employments. Companies of the sector crush about 40 million tons of oilseeds and refine about 20 million tons of crude oil a year for the food and feed markets and also to non-food technical and biofuel industries. More information can be found on the FEDIOL website


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