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"The fast-track procedure to appoint the new secretary general damages the image of the European Parliament", says Iratxe García


13 Sep 2022



Today, the S&D members of the European Parliament's Bureau requested the postponement of the proposed nomination of the new secretary general of the European Parliament so that proper hearings of the candidates to the post can be organised. However, a majority of Conservative members of the Bureau rejected this proposal.

The president of the Socialists and Democrats, Iratxe García MEP, said:

"Our Group does not agree with this procedure to nominate the new Secretary General as decided today in the Bureau meeting. This is an unjustified fast-track procedure which seriously damages the image of the institution, even though there is enough time to replace the current Secretary General until the end of the year. I deeply regret that our proposal for a postponement of this decision was rejected. The fast-track procedure did not allow for proper hearings to be organised and full transparency to be ensured regarding the most relevant post of our Administration.

"This Parliament should live up to its resolutions when it comes to transparency in the EU institutions. In this respect, I am worried about the damage that this decision can cause to the image of the institution, the internal democracy and the credibility of this house towards the citizens."


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