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External Action Service: Left highlights democratic shortcomings


19 Oct 2010


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European Parliament, Strasbourg, 19/10/2010


Calling attention to Parliament's failure to achieve its aim of comprehensive scrutiny for MEPs over the European External Action Service (EEAS), Spanish GUE/NGL MEP Willy Meyer told EU Foreign Policy chief Catherine Ashton that his group was "unconvinced" by the militarised, non-transparent and uncontrollable structure of the EEAS today in the European Parliament.


"Our group cannot support this as the structure doesn't convince us. If troops are going to be sent abroad then the EP should have full powers of scrutiny; this hasn't been achieved" he said. On behalf of the group, Meyer also expressed his solidarity with French workers on strike today.


Also speaking on the issue, Czech MEP Jiří Maštálka said that the new service would still mean that the EU could sometimes be left without a foreign policy on key issues and cited problems with the composition and geographic balance of the diplomatic corps.

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