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08 Mar 2011


Innovation & Enterprise

Nearly 200 innovative R&D initiatives approved since Israel took chairmanship of EUREKA

25 project proposals have been approved by EUREKA's High Level Group Representatives and National Project Coordinators from 40 countries. EUREKA is Europe's leading platform for R&D‐performing entrepreneurs and industries, which encourages pan‐European cooperation in industrial sectors such as IT, biotechnology, energy, water and communications. Since the start of the Israeli EUREKA Chairmanship (2010‐2011), the EUREKA Network has approved nearly 200 projects, mobilizing more than 180 million euros for joint R&D initiatives
across Europe. The Network, which includes 40 member states, held its meetings in Eilat this week, marking the launch of the EUREKA Clean‐Tech Action.

February 27, 2011 – Eilat, Israel – Assembled in Eilat in southern Israel for the second event held in Israel under the Israeli EUREKA Chairmanship, EUREKA's High Level Group Representatives and National Project Coordinators approved a series of promising cooperative R&D projects in several fields, including renewable
energy, agrofood technology, biotechnology, physical and exact sciences, IT and electronics, industrial manufacturing, and more.

During the EUREKA meeting, held in parallel to and in cooperation with the 2011 Eilat‐Eilot Renewable Energy Conference, EUREKA’s decision‐makers approved 25 viable technologies and products through the EUREKA program, totaling 33 million euros of investment. Six of the 25 projects approved under EUREKA’s individual projects program have Israeli partners – representing almost 25% of the total. Remarkably, Israel is only one of 40 member countries in EUREKA but represents just under one‐quarter of the individual project proposals approved during this meeting.

These projects add to more than 150 EUREKA and Euorstars projects already approved since Israel took the leadership of EUREKA, totaling more than 150 million euros of private and public investment. Altogether Israeli companies take part in nearly 15% of all EUREKA and Eurostars projects, which support small and medium sized companies.

EUREKA currently has over 100 active clean‐tech projects, at a cost of just under 200 million Euros. In the spirit of promoting further innovation in clean technology, during the event EUREKA marked the launch of its new EUREKA Clean‐Tech Action, a campaign focused on generating cooperative industrial R&D projects in the cleantech sector.

Israeli NPC (National Project Coordinators) Chairman Israel Shamay comments: “When launching the EUREKA Clean‐Tech Action, we set a very ambitious goal to mobilize all available EUREKA instruments in order to generate and support clean‐tech projects. The fact is that dozens of innovative companies from EUREKA’s member countries, as well as ALL the EUREKA clusters – which incorporate Europe's industrial market leaders – are attending the meetings in Eilat. This is the real proof of concept for the rationale and necessity of the Clean‐tech Action initiated by the Israeli EUREKA Chairmanship”.

EUREKA delegates, representing government agencies from over 40 countries, gathered at the meetings to promote industry, technology, R&D, and international cooperation through funding and partner‐matching. During the conference they strategized on how best to meet the global needs of today and tomorrow, such as
climate change, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, deploying smart grids, expanding solar and wind energy zoning, overcoming water shortages and more.

On a yearly basis, EUREKA supports more than 300 collaborative projects in a variety of industries, totaling over 1.5 billion Euros. These industrial projects match up partners from two or more member countries – including small and medium‐sized enterprises (SMEs), large industry, and research institutes. Projects can be launched in virtually all industry fields and technological areas – IT, manufacturing, water technologies, communications, biotechnology and energy, among others. EUREKA initiatives look to meet challenges such as climate change,
energy security, and limited water resources.

Israel’s chairmanship of EUREKA is being led by former Chief Scientist Dr. Eli Opper and the Israeli Ministry of Industry and Trade, through MATIMOP – the Israeli Industry Center for Research and Development, which is the executive agency of the Chief Scientist's office. The Israeli leadership of EUREKA will provide an opportunity to showcase Israel’s culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. Indeed, at the ripe of age of 62, Israel has been coined the "start‐up nation" of the world. With over 3,800 technology‐based start‐up companies, innovation has become a key factor in the country's economic stability and success – assets reflected in its
participation in EUREKA projects. From all of EUREKA's 40 member countries, Israel is actually one of EUREKA's most active participants. The Chairmanship provides enormous opportunities for Israeli and European companies and highlights Israel's unique contributions to European innovation and R&D.

For further information, please contact Adam Murray at Koteret Group, Tel Aviv, Israel on +972‐54‐2152‐654 / or Jason Silberman at +972‐54‐5359‐955 /


Founded in 1985, the EUREKA network seeks to promote international, market‐oriented research and innovation through the support they offer to small and medium‐sized enterprises, large industry, universities and research institutes. Through EUREKA, these organizations are introducing new products, processes and services to the market, helping make Europe economically strong and socially sound. Israel’s EUREKA chairmanship for 2010‐2011 is implemented by MATIMOP, the Israel Industry Center for Research and Development, acting on behalf of the Office of the Chief Scientist in the Ministry of Industry Trade and Labor. Dr. Eli Opper, former Chief Scientist is chairing the High Level Group, and Israel Shamay is
chairing EUREKA’s National Coordinators forum.
For more information, visit http://www.eureka‐


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