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19 May 2021


Climate & Environment

ETIC, the European Timber Industries Confederation, has been formally constituted in Brussels.

The brand new Organisation has been given the mission to act as a close and dynamic European Institution’s interlocutor, especially in a moment when, as never before, the timber sector deserves to be listened to and be considered as a key partner in the ongoing transformation of the European economic models.

ETIC stands therefore as the prompt and liable response to the urgent request of several European Timber Industry actors willing to have an authoritative and credible interface with the European Authorities to raise their concerns, namely in the field of sustainable economic & social development.

On the social front, particularly, ETIC intends to play a proactive role in the European Sector Social Dialogue process and commit significant energies in the implementation of dedicated EU-granted projects.

Additionally, ETIC will commit major energy and resources to provide its members with real services, among which will stand up the provision of a “Certification Platform” for wood-based products, aiming to endorse the sustainability of all the processing phases converting the raw material into a finished product.

It is an historical moment for the European Timber sector and I’m proud to be among the important and very determined promoters of ETIC. Our Confederation will be the loyal ally of ALL the wood value chain players, from ALL Members States, willing to join our ranks. ETIC will be an inclusive and really democratic body that aims to provide new momentum to relations between the sector and the EU Authorities. By its proactive attitude, ETIC will bring a breath of fresh air to the sector. And its journey has just begun!”, says Vítor Manuel Poças, ETIC acting Chairman.

ETIC aims to enter the Brussels scene - and more specifically the Forest-Based Industries group of official representatives - with the resolute ambition of developing strong factual synergies.

This approach aims to affirm ETIC’s values and ETIC’s intention to come forward as a complementary partner and not as an alternative to already consolidated Organisations.

In the coming weeks and months, ETIC management will start contacts with EU Institutions representatives as well as with a large panel of Brussels-based stakeholders in order to raise ETIC’s profile and establish possible collaboration protocols where appropriate.

ETIC headquarters are located in the prestigious area of the Square de Meeûs, a stone’s throw away from the European Parliament.

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