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10 Apr 2012


Euro & Finance


EPPC Organising Committee 2012

Hertie School of Governance



BERLIN, 05 April 2012 - The 4th annual European Public Policy Conference (EPPC), entitled: Rethinking Economic Crises: a Broader Look on Origins, Impacts and Solutions, will take place during 18-20 April 2012 at the Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals (IBEI) in Barcelona.

EPPC is a unique student driven initiative, designed, organized and implemented by graduate students of public policy who hail from throughout the European and wider regional area. EPPC places different generations of policy makers in direct contact with an eye towards creating unparalleled opportunities for both sides to debate the origins of the current European economic crisis and to candidly exchange ideas regarding potential policy solutions.

This year, Geir Haarde, former Prime Minister of Iceland, is scheduled to be a keynote speaker for EPPC., Other notable speakers include:

 Nikos Christodoulakis, former Greek Minister of Economy and Finance and current professor at the Athens University of Economics and Business;

 Antonio Martins da Cruz, former Portuguese Foreign Minister and Chairman of the OSCE in 2002;

 Ansgar Belke, professor of Macroeconomics at University of Duisberg-Essen, Director of the Institute of Business and Economic Studies and Research Director for the German Institute for Economic Research Berlin (DIW);

 Alan Atkisson, founder of AtKisson Group, a leading sustainability consultancy;  Matt Davies, researcher and lecturer in the Department of Political Science at Newcastle University;

 Carles Gasòliba, President of the Spanish Committee of the European League for Economic Cooperation (ELEC), former member of Spanish Parliament and European Parliament, and former Spanish Senator;

 Nicholas Dunbar, investigative financial journalist and author of “The Devil’s Derivatives”.

In parallel to the high level participants mentioned above, EPPC will provide forums for a wide variety of graduate students from top ranked international public policy schools to present their own policy research relating to the current crisis. These presenters will compete for the chance to win the International Policy and Leadership Institute’s (IPLI) award for academic achievement.

EPPC 2012 will bring together a large talent pool of some of the sharpest up and coming future policy makers from all across Europe and the world. Attendance at the conference is open to all policy makers, professionals, and researchers with a keen focus on European economic affairs.

About the EPPC EPPC 2012 is organised by the students of the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin in cooperation with students from the Global Public Policy Network (GPPN) schools. The GPPN includes Sciences Po Paris, the London School of Economics, SIPA at Columbia University, the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. The 4th European Public Policy Conference will be hosted by the Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals and sponsored by the International Policy and Leadership Institute

Venue: Institut Barcelona D’Estudis Internacionals (IBEI), Elisabets 10 08001 Barcelona, Spain. Date: 18-20 April 2012. Further information and registration details are available on the event website:

For press enquiries, please contact Sachi Nelson: