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European political agreement recognises the need for biofuels


09 Dec 2008

Brussels, 9 December 2008: The European Bioethanol Fuel
Association (eBIO) welcomes the political agreement reached between
the EU Council of Ministers and the European Parliament on the biofuels
part of the draft Renewable Energy Sources Directive and congratulates
both the French Presidency and the European Commission with the
achieved result.

“This Directive will assure that only those biofuels that comply with
unprecedentedly strict environmental and social sustainability standards
can be used. Those arguing that this is bad legislation are not serious
and disqualify themselves,” said Ramón de Miguel, President of eBIO.

The decision to maintain the binding 10% objective and to introduce
reasonable greenhouse gas saving thresholds is an important signal to
the European industry. The new legislation will safeguard the current
production capacity that required capital investments of over € 5 billion
as well as thousands of jobs that are indispensable in this time of global
economic crisis. Moreover, this mandate will set the scene for new
investments to further improve the technological profile of the European
ethanol production.

The industry fully supports the agreement on indirect land use change
(ILUC) effects. The decision to deliver a report on ILUC by the end of
2010 is in line with what the industry has constantly advocated.
Penalising biofuels producers across the board without studying ILUC
first would have been senseless. eBIO is confident that the positive
impact of European bioethanol production on ILUC due to its animal
feed co-product, as well as the use of vast set aside areas and strong
crop yield increases will be eventually recognised.

The European bioethanol sector is firmly committed to regard
sustainability as a key priority, respecting both stringent environmental
and social criteria. Biofuels are currently the only available large-scale