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European Federalists despise renationalisation of border control


20 Apr 2012


Justice & Home Affairs

On the occasion of a joint europewide meeting of the Young European Federalists and the Union of European Federalists in Leuven starting today the Schengen initiative of France and Germay was taken up with lack of sympathy.

JEF President Pauline Gessant and UEF President Andrew Duff say:

„Migration within and from outside the Union is not an isolated national issue - it affects all European Citizens and thus a joint management should be ensured within the framework of common institutions and mechanisms.“

Andrey Kovatchev, an EPP MEP and a Vice-President of UEF, took these points up and prepared a resolution for the convention of both historic Federalist organisations that object to any renationalisation in these policies:

„contrary to some latest Member States' government statements, the proper management of enhanced migration flows is not the reintroduction of internal borders between Member States, but the communitarization of EU external boarders' protection;“


„the recent proposal of the European Commission aimed at establishing a more efficient management of the Schengen cooperation system and uniform application of the

Schengen rules, which would be a right step in the federal direction.“

With regard to external border control, the resolution states that:

„for the sake of policy efficiency and in accordance with Article 77 of the Treaty, for the gradual replacement ofMember State’s responsibility for external border security with EU competences“ a „post-national“ approach is aimed at.  

Kovatchev further stated that the Schengen enlargement must not be stopped here:

„any policy reform should not happen at the expense of the foreseen Schengen enlargement to new countries, providednaturally that all conditions to accession are met.“


The Union of European Federalists (UEF) and the Young European Federalists (JEF) are citizens’ movements promoting European Integration since World War II. Federalists believe that only a common effort of European citizens working towards more democratic institutions on the European level could create a long lasting peace and freedom, and a strong common answer to global challenges. The Federalists are present in 37 European countries.


Leuven, 20-22 April 2012 -  Full Programme: click here

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