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European Commission needs to act so that rights of civil partners are respected in EU member states


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S&D MEPs today called for the European Commission to come forward with proposals to ensure that EU member states respect the rights of citizens who are in civil partnerships and provide them with the same advantages as marriages in case of an separation or annulment of their relationship.
S&D Group spokesperson for the issue, Evelyne Gebhardt, said:
“Nineteen EU member states allow for couples to enter into registered partnerships or same-sex marriages. Many of these states also allow partners to adopt. However, the current EU rules governing cross-border issues of divorce, separation, and parental responsibility say nothing about registered partnerships. This leaves many EU nationals as second-class citizens. No EU citizen should be discriminated against just because of whom they love.
“The societies in our member states have evolved greatly in the last decade; while the number of marriages is decreasing, the number of registered partnerships is increasing. The European Commission should stop ignoring the rights of registered partners and the LGTBI community.
"The European Commission has had the opportunity to correct this situation but has so far failed to act. We are demanding that the Commission explains why this is the case and calling on them to finally come forward with legislation to correct this anomaly.”


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