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The European Association Summit releases its schedule and the names of its speakers


05 May 2017


Trade & Society

Organised by for 30 and 31 May 2017 and held in Brussels, the European Association Summit (EAS) is the big annual gathering of non-profit sector professionals. A few weeks in advance of the event, the topics and speakers of this latest edition are unveiled.

The EAS has changed a great deal since it first began and is now in its fifth year. This time three plenary sessions and twenty workshops will be offered to visitors, which is three times more opportunities compared with last year’s edition. It is a chance for the international non-profit community to bring up the new challenges the sector must meet.

Beyond Communication and Strategy 
Chaired by Mohamed Mezghani, Deputy General Secretary of the International Public Transport Association (UITP), this edition will address a series of actual case studies, ranging from the future of leadership events to new technologies. Representatives from various sectors will provide their input in their respective areas of expertise.

The event will begin with an opening speech by the president of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Jean-Paul Philippot, who will discuss changes in the profile of viewers and listeners and their impact on the audio-visual industry, as well as the ways in which public broadcasters are adapting to this new reality.

A special session on international development, a workshop on the use of polls and surveys, as well as academic contributions will also be on the schedule.

Thanks to the wide variety of topics suggested by industry professionals, over 150 participants will share their experience and benefit from the expertise of their peers and other experts during this gathering of international associations in the city that has more than any other in the whole world – Brussels.

These two days will also be punctuated with opportunities for participants to meet and exchange their ideas in a more informal manner and discuss current European news and events as well.

Additional information about the schedule and a list of speakers:

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