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02 Jun 2010



Joint Annual Conference 2010

Euroheat & Power and COGEN Europe

June 2 Brussels

Speaking at their Joint Annual Conference 2010 held in Brussels on June 2, COGEN Europe and Euroheat & Power called for ‘a European strategy for heat’, underlining that EU institutions, national governments and industry should work to develop such a strategy to ensure that the aim of a low-carbon energy supply by 2050 can be achieved.

Sabine Froning, Euroheat & Power, and Fiona Riddoch, COGEN Europe, emphasized that such a strategy is necessary for Europe to fully exploit the advantages offered by the two established technologies: cogeneration and district heating. A low-carbon energy supply by 2050 means a strategy for all of electricity, transport – and heat. By taking an integrated approach and considering both electricity and heat, Europe can optimise its use of primary energy and the supply of end use energy. Both organisations have a perspective on total energy delivery and both technologies have much to offer in meeting the challenge of energy efficiency and a low carbon energy supply for Europe.

The call was made during the 2010 joint Annual Conference, of COGEN Europe and Euroheat & Power, entitled “TEAMING UP FOR ENERGY RENEWAL – Cogeneration and District Heating”, which explored the ways in which both technologies can make a significant contribution to reaching strategic EU energy and climate goals to 2050. Other speakers at the Conference included Bo Diczfalusy, the Director for Sustainable Energy Policy & Technology, International Energy Agency, Gérard Magnin, Executive Director, Energie‐Cités, Greens MEP Claude Turmes, plus Nadia Weekes, Editor of ENDS Europe.

For more information, please contact:

Sinead Boyle, Euroheat & Power, +32 (0)2 740 2110

Stefan Craenen, COGEN Europe +32 2 772 82 90

Notes to editors:

Euroheat & Power is the international association of District Heating & Cooling, representing the district heating and cooling (DHC) sector in Europe and beyond, covering all aspects related to District Heating and District Cooling and related energy sources and technologies.

COGEN Europe is the European association for the promotion of cogeneration. In addition to national promotion organisations, the association is backed by the key players in the industry including gas and electricity companies, ESCOs, equipment suppliers, consultancies and other service companies.

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