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Eurogas joins global initiative to combat methane emissions


16 Jan 2020



London, 16 January 2020. Today Eurogas joins the Methane Guiding Principles initiative – a voluntary partnership of industry and civil society organisations aimed at reducing methane emissions across the natural gas supply chain, from production to end consumer.  This development stresses the gas industry’s commitment to reducing methane emissions in relation to natural gas. The European Commission is expected to bring forward an EU methane strategy in the first quarter of 2020.

Eurogas Secretary General, James Watson, explained the move to join the initiative: “Members of Eurogas have always been committed to limiting methane emissions in their networks and will continue to work on and implement best practices. Joining the Methane Guiding Principles partnership is another step in this direction. It includes cooperation on advancing strong performance across value chains, improving transparency and data accuracy, and positively engaging in dialogue on methane regulation with policymakers.”

“Gas will play a crucial role in supporting countries across Europe to address their carbon emissions. Using gas for power generation, industry, transport and heating will help meet future energy demand while achieving decarbonisation. Therefore, working together with serious partners from across the spectrum of energy sector interests to reduce methane emissions is the right and responsible action to take.”

The Methane Guiding principles focus on five priority areas for action along the natural gas supply chain:

  1. Continually reduce methane emissions
  2. Advance strong performance across the gas supply chain
  3. Improve accuracy of methane emissions data
  4. Advocate sound policy and regulations on methane emissions
  5. Increase transparency.


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