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23 Jun 2009


Climate & Environment
Sustainable Dev.

Green issues are becoming central in today’s political debate. We very often hear about climate change, global warming, emission control and biodiversity. But very often too, there is a key element that is missing in the debate: what about water?!

Do you know that during the year of 2008, we abstracted a total of 272,734 Millions cubic meter (Mm3) of freshwater in Europe? Do you know that we delivered 36,816 Mm3 of drinking water? Can you imagine that 74,578 operators are employing 584,705 persons to provide your drinking water and deal with your waste water? Do you realize that 3,584,617 km of pipes are necessary to bring water to your tap and that 2,228,930 km are installed to collect your waste water? Do you simply believe that 33.396 Millions € were invested in the water sector in 2008? Isn’t it sustainable?

With its unique collection of key figures, EUREAU offers today a central document for policy makers, environmental agencies, stakeholders and journalist; a unique combination of data directly issued from the drinking water and waste water utilities. Download it at

The document that is officially presented at the occasion of the Green Week is divided in four sectors: an introduction, a country profile for each of the 30 member countries of EUREAU, a profile of the whole European water sector and conclusions.

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