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EUREAU calls for an intergroup on water in the European Parliament


17 Nov 2009


Sustainable Dev.
Climate & Environment

Green issues are becoming central in today’s political debate. We hear a lot about climate change, millennium development goals and biodiversity. What about water?! Water is very often the missing element in the political debate and wrongly taken for granted. EUREAU’s key message is that “there is no green without blue” !

Water is the basis of life; consequently all over the world water is in great demand. Unfortunately, water is also a limited and vulnerable resource. The use of water affects the quality of this resource itself as well as the environment and nature in a broader sense. People need water for their physical well-being, not only to drink or for domestic use but also as a resource for agriculture and industry.

“Water should have the central place it deserves in the debate in the political heart of Europe and the world platform for international policy: The European Parliament”, stated Peter Pex, former MEP and currently representative of VEWIN in Brussels who is very much in favour of an Intergroup on Water.

Together with MEP Dr. Richard Seeber, EUREAU has taken the initiative to create an intergroup on water and collected more than 100 signatures among MEPs from all political families. Time is now coming for the different political groups to make their choices on the different intergroups they will support under their respective quotas. EUREAU therefore calls on all MEPs and political groups to support the creation of a specific intergroup on water in order to give water the central place it deserves!

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