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EURACTIV Slovakia is part of a project building the future energy system


Sustainable Dev.

Over 100 representatives from Europe’s leading power companies, universities and research institutes launched EU-SysFlex in Dublin in early November. The aim of the research project funded from Horizon 2020 is to prepare the grids for a majority share of renewable energy sources.

Member of the Project Management Board, EURACTIV Slovakia manages EU-SysFlex’s external communication. It will involve partners from the EURACTIV media network in Berlin, Brussels, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris and Warsaw.

Consortium led by EDF and EirGrid

EU-SysFlex stands for "Pan-European system with an efficient coordinated use of flexibilities for the integration of a large share of RES ". EU-SysFlex will come up with new types of services that will meet the needs of the system with more than 50 percent of renewable energy sources.

The first meeting of the consortium was organized in Dublin by EirGrid, the Irish Transmission System Operator, who is the overall project coordinator. Electricité de France (EDF) acts as technical co-ordinator of the project.

EURACTIV Slovakia implements and coordinates the external communication of the project.

"We are honoured to be part of a project of this importance and size. As the communication coordinator, we will aim for the most effective dissemination of the project results. We want to target not only the general public, but especially policy-makers and the energy industry which can benefit from the expected results of the project and use them in practice," said Pavel Nikodem, CEO of EURACTIV Slovakia.

Four years and 20 million euros

The EU-SysFlex project won €20 million in funding from the EU framework programme for research and innovation Horizon 2020 under the call H2020-LCE-2016-2017. EU-SysFlex runs for four years, from November 2017 to October 2021.

The project involves 34 organisations from 15 countries across Europe. The consortium includes transmission and distribution system operators, technology providers, manufacturers, universities and research centres.

The project will test a high level of integration of renewable energy sources in the pan-European system. The objective of the project is to create a long-term roadmap for large-scale integration of renewable energy in electricity grids as well as provide practical assistance to power system operators across Europe. The project team will identify improvements to European market design, regulation, operational practices and enhanced system tools.

In a few days, EU-SysFlex will be introduced at the Central European Energy Conference - SET Plan 2017 in Bratislava. It will be presented by EirGrid Project Manager John Lowry on the second day of the conference, December 1, 2017, in the panel „Market integration II. Market-coupling in electricity“.




Kristína Kubišová, EURACTIV Slovakia,

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