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EU/Fisheries: reinforcing the identity of the fisheries section of COGECA


09 Jul 2008


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Brussels: On  the  occasion  of  his  election  into  the  presidency  of  the  COGECA  fisheries section,  the newly elected President, Giampaolo BUONFIGLIO  from  Italy, declared a  keen interest  in  working  as  part  of  a  team  alongside  the  two  Vice-Presidents,  José  Ramón FUERTES GAMUNDI  (ES) and Gerard VAN BALSFOORT  (NL)  in highlighting  the  sector’s specific characteristics.

“The soaring prices of fuel on an unprecedented scale combined with a less than favourable market  situation  for  fishery  products  means  that  Europe’s  cooperative  sector  has  to reposition  itself  and  increase  levels  of  cooperation,”  was  the  message  from  Giampaolo BUONFIGLIO who wishes to “reinforce the identity of the COGECA fisheries section, defend the cooperative code of ethics in the numerous measures being prepared by the Commission and encourage national organisations for fishery organisations which are not yet represented in COGECA to sign up.”