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EU Staff Regulation changes: a balanced proposal for a more responsive and efficient administration. Raffaele Baldassarre MEP


14 Dec 2011


Euro & Finance

The EPP Group has welcomed today's proposals by the European Commission to modify the regulations governing the pay and working conditions of European Union staff. The challenges posed by the ongoing financial and economic crisis require a swift and strong response at all levels. Securing a sound EU budget is one of the crucial priorities which demands freezing the administrative expenditure, which is the aim of this proposal.

To this extent, a number of measures are intended to reduce costs while increasing efficiency, as for example the increase of the weekly working time to 40 hours without compensatory wages and changing the normal retirement age from 63 to 65. The measures foreseen by the Commission will generate additional savings of €1 billion over the next multi-annual financial framework.

"The aim of significant savings in the European public service is a priority", stressed Raffaele Baldassarre MEP, EPP Group Spokesman for EU Staff Regulations. "The EU has to give a strong signal in these times of crisis, taking responsible decisions in the interest of the credibility and authority of its Institutions."

"On the other hand, the EU needs a highly-qualified, modern and efficient civil service in order to face the difficult challenges posed by the crisis. This implies, on the one hand, changes aimed at reducing costs whilst maintaining a high level of efficiency. On the other hand, targeted measures should aim at keeping efficient and loyal staff which will foster a sustainable and modern public administration", continued Mr Baldassarre.

The EPP Group wants to ensure that the European administration is served by competitive staff where the principles of merit and rewards are better evaluated. "We advocate a career structure based on merit and productivity with fewer automatic promotions, the introduction of a system of rewards for well-performing staff and sanctions for those who fail to achieve objectives", underlined Mr Baldassarre.

The Commission proposals amend the existing Staff Regulations which were substantially modified during the 2004 reform. Following the rules of the Lisbon Treaty, the new measures will be adopted for the first time with the use of the co-decision procedure between the Council and the European Parliament.

For further information:

Raffaele BALDASSARRE MEP, Tel: +33-3-88-177114

Elisabetta Montano, EPP Group Press and Communications Service, Tel: +32-478-933978

Notes to Editors:

The EPP Group is by far the largest political group in the European Parliament with 272 Members.



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