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The EU should in no way provide the means for the death penalty or torture, say S&Ds


04 Oct 2016


Justice & Home Affairs

The EU will soon end the export of drugs used for lethal injections in countries which still apply the death penalty. After a long political battle, the European Parliament gave its final approval today for new rules which will stop the export, transit, marketing and promotion of goods that could be used for torture or inhumane treatment.

S&D spokesperson on this issue, Inmaculada Rodriguez-Piñero MEP, said:

“We have worked with other political groups to ensure that this legislation is in place as soon as possible. There will be an outright ban on displaying and selling goods that could be used for torture at trade fairs. We will also update rules on banning advertising to include online sales of these goods.

“Another important achievement is that the transit of these prohibited products will also be outlawed. There will be improved rules to prohibit the use of training and know-how for banned goods.”

S&D spokesperson on trade, David Martin MEP, said:

“Trade is not an end in itself, but a tool to improve people’s lives. The EU can and must use its trade leverage to promote human rights. The legislation approved today is one more step in our efforts to end the death penalty and torture everywhere in the world. Human dignity is a core principle of the European Union, both as a pre-condition to becoming a member and a guiding principle in our foreign policy.”

The chair of the trade committee in the European Parliament, S&D MEP Bernd Lange, concluded:

"This piece of legislation has only been possible because of good co-operation between the different institutions. The European Parliament pushed for a slightly more ambitious approach covering, among other things,  a ban on the transit and advertising of such goods. The Council was initially reluctant but after difficult negotiations we finally achieved this result."


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