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EU sabre-rattling on Iran to hit population, not regime


02 Feb 2012


Global Europe

EU sanctions against Iran are politically naïve, negligent sabre-rattling according to GUE/NGL MEP Cornelia Ernst speaking ahead of today's European Parliament vote on a resolution on Iran's nuclear programme.

"We condemn the Iranian regime for its catastrophic human rights violations, repression of religious minorities and persecution of human rights activists but embargoing Iranian oil through the de-facto ban on trade with Iran's central bank ultimately just impacts the population."

"This is also a boost for the Iranian regime in advance of the elections in March when there is still no proof of a nuclear weapons programme, just secret service suspicions and allegations. We need the escalation of human rights dialogue and serious negotiations for a nuclear-free Middle East. This is the task of the EU, not the aggravation of the current situation" she said.

Also speaking before the vote, Sabine Lösing called for a phase out of nuclear power and for worldwide disarmament of "gruesome" atomic weaponry.

"This aggressive economic war will destabilize Iran and limits the possibilities for progressive opposition in the country. It seems very likely that, as usual, global peace and human rights will fall victim to the interests of the United States and Europe."

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