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EU road to accelerated ICT investment: It’s in “the mix”


20 Sep 2010


Health & Consumers

Flexible spectrum acquisition & trading spells opportunity for new players in EU
mobile space; EU called to fulfil policy aims with fibre, cable & next gen mobile

(Brussels, 20 September) The European Commission’s broadband strategy released today highlights the need for greater attention to competition as a driver for investment. EU decision makers recognize that the goal to spur telco incumbents to make new investments in fibre is stimulated by the cable industry's market presence across Europe.

“The Commission underscores the importance of both fibre (FTTH) and cable (DOCSIS 3.0) to fulfil broadband targets. We are already fulfilling the 100mbps goal today in most markets throughout Europe,” said Cable Europe President, Manuel Kohnstamm. “Our fibre powered networks will be needed to fulfil the ambitious policy goals of 2020. The market should be led by consumer demand and we are more than ready to step up to such demands. Our business relies on it. We're cable and we'll deliver. We're getting over 100 million EU households ready for ultra fast broadband as quickly as we can.”

The EU’s goal of greater investment sees cable’s role in infrastructure competition as driving investment. Member States have a great opportunity to leverage private investment by simply encouraging the widest scope of infrastructure investors to compete.

“Regulation that seeks to promote competition between infrastructures makes good sense for Europe, its businesses and its consumers,” commented Caroline Van Weede, Cable Europe’s Managing Director. “There is a growing -- and encouraging -- awareness about the importance of a mix of technologies driving connectivity. We’re calling on Europe to ensure that public funding mechanisms tightly focus on areas where private investments are not commercially viable, such as sparsely populated areas. If the Commission is to work with bodies such as the EIB it is even more important that stakeholders providing ultra fast broadband are considered equal -- and consulted. Placing public funds in areas where services exist does not make sense.”

The cable industry spots new opportunities brought about by the Radio Spectrum Policy Programme which rightly facilitate a role for new entrants thanks to a more flexible spectrum regime. Such flexibility is likely to result in new players entering new markets. The mobile market is likely to see encouraging results from further involvement by the cable industry.

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