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“The EU needs the progressive and pro-European impulse of the Spanish presidency under Pedro Sánchez's leadership”, says Iratxe García


30 Jun 2023


Central Europe

Tomorrow, Spain takes over the presidency of the EU Council. Over the next six months, the Spanish government will try to find a consensus among EU member states to negotiate important files with the European Parliament.

The leader of the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, Iratxe García, said:

 “As we approach the end of this legislative term, time is running out to adopt crucial legislation that will ensure a better functioning European Union, a Union that is better prepared to face challenges like climate emergency, growing inequalities and our strategic autonomy.

“At this historic turning point, the government led by Pedro Sánchez can bring the progressive and pro-European impulse that the Union needs. Unlike the conservative forces trying to backtrack on our fight to guarantee a habitable planet for future generations, it is time to finalise a just transition by promoting strategic industries and technologies in areas like health, food, energy and digitalisation.

“We are looking forward to negotiating with the Council on important reforms, like the electricity market and fiscal rules. We need a strong partner in the Council to push for more solidarity between member states, but also for a humane approach to migration.

“A pro-European government like the Spanish one can also be an opportunity to agree on new ‘own resources’ for the EU budget, so that we can ensure investments in key policies in the coming years. Citizens expect a lot from the Union, and only a strong budgetary capacity can deliver.

“After eight years of stalemate, the EU urgently needs a solid agreement on the Migration Pact and we hope the ongoing negotiations with the Council bear fruit.

"Lastly, the government led by Pedro Sánchez has shown a real concern for gender equality and a commitment to put an end to gender-based violence. This is a unique chance to finally adopt a Directive on combating violence against women – something the Socialists and Democrats have long been demanding.”