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EU Hydrogen Strategy and Energy Systems Integration Strategy


08 Jul 2020



“Important steps towards a successful energy transition“

Brussels/Frankfurt, 8 July 2020 – The global demand for climate friendly technology is increasing. “It is therefore great that the EU Commission is finally making progress with a EU hydrogen strategy and a strategy for energy systems integration. We believe that a fully integrated energy system is key to a climate neutral and economically successful future“, says Matthias Zelinger, VDMA Climate and Energy Spokesperson. The mechanical and plant engineering industry has long been developing innovative solutions and is an enabler for a fully integrated energy system.

In the view of the VDMA, it is important that the integrated energy system is based on market economy principles. Climate-neutrality is reached best in an open competition between energy carriers and existing and innovative technological solutions. Regulation should not determine which technology is used or which energy carrier should or should not be used in which sector. Zelinger emphasises that, “the profitability of energy sources must be determined by the price of CO2 and the conditions of their various applications. A technology neutral, competitive approach promotes innovation and is a good basis for us on the global market.”

Guarantee of supply needed

A new energy system strongly based on renewable energy must ensure that the security of supply is guaranteed at all times on the European market. Energy must be available at internationally competitive prices. „A full integration of the energy system can only be successful when it takes the existing infrastructure and its benefits into account“, explains Zelinger. The increasing use of variable renewable energy sources will increase the necessity of storage systems. All mechanical and electrochemical storage technologies have an important role to play, alongside hydrogen and other Power-to-X (P2X) solutions.

Hydrogen and other hydrogen derivatives are important

Renewable energy carriers, including clean hydrogen (based on green electricity and electrolysis) have a clear role to play in helping the EU to achieve its target of climate neutrality by 2050. But VDMA believes that all technologies to produce climate-neutral hydrogen and derived gases, fuels or feedstock must solely compete on their carbon performance. „We welcome the launch of the Clean Hydrogen Alliance as a forum for collaboration between public authorities, industry and civil society in order to speed up the scaling-up and competitiveness for hydrogen technologies,” says Peter Müller-Baum, VDMA managing director for the Power-to-X for Applications Working Group. “European mechanical engineering companies are technology leaders for hydrogen and other P2X-solutions. “European engineering companies are technology leaders for hydrogen and other P2X solutions. We aim to build a competitive industry that will serve European and global markets, create new jobs and sustain existing ones,” explains Müller-Baum. He calls for, “a European hydrogen strategy that includes, other hydrogen derived gases, e-Fuels and feedstock alongside hydrogen.“ VDMA strongly believes that the goal of a climate-neutral and prosperous European economy can only be reached with the benefits of P2X in all sectors.

You can find a picture of Matthias Zelinger, Climate and Enegergy Spokesperson, here.

You can find a picture of Peter Müller-Baum, Managing Director for the PtX4A Working Group, here.

The VDMA represents around 3300 German and European companies in the mechanical engineering industry. The industry represents innovation, export orientation, medium-sized companies and employs around four million people in Europe, more than one million of them in Germany.

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