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EU budget and future financing


08 Jun 2011


EU Priorities 2020

Proper system for financing EU budget needed if EU serious about achieving priorities


The European Parliament today adopted a report setting out its opinion on the future financing of the EU budget from 2013 on. Greens welcomed the support of MEPs for the establishing of a proper and meaningful 'own resources' system for financing the budget, a long-standing Green priority, as well as the rejection of any efforts to reduce the EU budget. After the vote, Green MEP and shadow draftsman/rapporteur Bas Eickhout said:

“Freezing or decreasing the EU's budget post-2013 is not a credible approach if the EU and its member states are serious about achieving the policy priorities they have set for themselves, notably in the Europe 2020 strategy. Coordinating EU funding and actions is clearly a better way for us to achieve our common goals, as opposed to individual actions. We welcome the fact that MEPs have clearly set out their stall to this end ahead of the forthcoming debate on the future financing of the EU.

"The EU needs a proper and predictable system for financing its own budget in order to end the perpetual, damaging squabbling over national contributions to the EU budget. Introducing a true and meaningful 'own-resources' system for financing the EU budget is the only way to achieve this and we are happy that the EP has thrown its weight behind this long-standing Green priority.”

Green budgetary affairs spokesperson and vice-chair of the SURE committee Helga Trüpel added

"Meeting the EU's climate and energy targets, the knowledge society, research and development, innovation and education will require major investment is needed in areas like infrastructure. We are happy that MEPs supported Green amendments giving priority to energy efficiency and renewable energies in EU financing for energy infrastructure. The EU also has commitments made to developing countries in the areas of development aid and climate change adaptation, which must be met, and we welcome that the EP has recognised this.”

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