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EU backs rules to make online platforms fairer and more transparent


Negotiators from the European Parliament, Commission and Council agreed last night to new rules designed to make online platforms fairer and more transparent. 
S&D Group negotiator on platform-to-business relationships, Christel Schaldemose MEP, said:
“These new rules will help make the digital single market fairer and more transparent. We are increasingly buying things from online platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Google and Skyscanner. This gives these companies a huge market share, so there is big risk of unfair trading practices. It is therefore crucial that we have clear rules to ensure fair, transparent and predictable treatment of business users by online platforms.
“Again, the EU is leading the way in setting rules to ensure that the internet is not an unregulated ‘wild west.’ These new proposals will help level the playing field, boost small businesses and ultimately benefit consumers.”
S&D Group spokesperson for the internal market and consumer protection, Nicola Danti MEP, added:
“When we are buying flights, getting a new TV, or booking a hotel room, we are likely to look first on an online platform. While our shopping habits have changed hugely, our laws haven’t kept pace. Yesterday’s vote is a significant step forward, meaning we will have much clearer rules to ensure that all businesses who sell through platforms are treated fairly. For example, platforms will have to be much more transparent on how their site ranks products and services displayed.
“We now need a wider overhaul of rules to better protect consumers in the digital age, create a level playing field for large and small businesses and make Europe more competitive in the global economy.” 


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