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ETNO High Level Conference, Istanbul 14-15 May 2009 Connecting Europe in the Digital Age


14 May 2009


Sustainable Dev.

High speed broadband networks – key driver for economic recovery

BRUSSELS – Access to broadband services is the key topic of an ETNO high-level conference hosted by ETNO’s member Turk Telekom today in Istanbul. Key speakers include telecoms operators, representatives from the equipment industry, analysts and Commission officials.

Turk Telekom CEO Dr. Paul Doany added:
“We are proud to host the ETNO High Level Conference in Turkey, and to participate in ETNO meetings. As one of the founding members, it is a pleasure for us to play an effective role in ETNO working groups, which combine experts from the leading operators of the EU member states, covering all the technological challenges, in addition to the regulatory and competition dynamics of the global telecom sector. We believe we will have very fruitful discussions about investments on next generation networks (NGN), access to broadband services' future telecommunication technologies, and universal service.”

“We are delighted to have our conference hosted in Turkey by Turk Telekom, a key player in the region. Through its massive investments in new networks and services, Turk Telekom directly contributes to economic growth in Turkey”, says Michael Bartholomew, ETNO Director.

“On the occasion of the high level conference hosted by Turk Telekom, the ETNO Executive Board held a strategic meeting to discuss the on-going review of the EU Telecoms package and best conditions for much needed NGA investments”, said Alfredo Acebal, Telefonica, Chairman of the ETNO Executive Board.

“In the context of the current economic crisis, high speed broadband networks are more essential than ever as they will not only benefit the society as a whole but drive economic recovery and growth. It is essential that the right regulatory framework is in place to encourage all players to invest and share risks”, added Bartholomew.

The conference gives an overview of the current state of play of the deployment of new networks in Europe. It also looks at the various programmes developed at the national level in the EU and outside Europe to encourage NGA roll out and to bridge the digital divide.

The roll out of high speed broadband services is widely recognised as one of the main drivers for Europe to recover from the economic crisis.


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