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ERF expresses its satisfaction with the Grosch Report on the Future of Transport


12 Jul 2010



The ERF would like to express its support to the opinion of the European Parliament on the Future of Transport and in particular, its strong commitment to a policy of co-modality, which seeks to optimise the synergies between the various modes on the basis of equal treatment.  The report was adopted last week during the Plenary Session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg. 


According to Christophe Nicodème, ERF Director General: ‘This vote confirms the general consensus amongst policymakers that pragmatism should be the main driver for policy in the field of transport.  Encouraging one mode against the other has not only proved ineffective, furthermore, it has led to a severe modal competition that we can ill afford in the current economic environment’.   


Transport is a vital economic activity and policymakers should guarantee a level playing operating framework that maximises the transport sector’s potential for the benefit of Europe’s citizens.  At the same time, reducing transport’s carbon footprint remains a major challenge.  The road infrastructure sector has long been working in this direction and will remain committed to working with EU institutions and governments towards a sustainable transport system.


Furthermore, the ERF supports the report’s reference to an establishment of a road agency: ‘Road accounts for 75% of transport, yet it is the only mode of transport that does not benefit from a dedicated EU agency.  This remains a paradox which needs to be addressed’ stated Christophe Nicodème.


Last but not least, the ERF regrets the removal of a reference on the creation of a dedicated transport fund and its replacement with a more vague statement that calls for a facility to coordinate the use of different sources of transport funding.   ‘Investment in infrastructure, and especially road infrastructure, is needed today more than ever.  Given that 90% of passenger and 77% if freight inland transport is carried out on Europe’s roads, a well-functioning road infrastructure is a pre-condition for a sustainable and safe mobility’.


Konstandinos Diamandouros

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