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Equality between women and men in the EU: many challenges still lie ahead. Mariya Nedelcheva MEP


27 Jan 2011


Social Europe & Jobs

"Women have been severely affected by the current economic, financial and social crisis, particularly in terms of their working conditions, their access to employment, their role in society as a whole and gender equality", stressed Mariya Nedelcheva MEP in the FEMM Committee while discussing the Report she drafted with a view to addressing certain recommendations to the European Commission.

"In its 2010 Annual Report, the European Commission has listed the remaining challenges regarding gender equality as we emerge from the crisis", Ms. Nedelcheva said. She insisted that women remain relegated to part-time work on fixed-term contracts with often insufficient pay and are, for the most part, at a disadvantage on the labour market. "But the crisis should be seen as an opportunity to rethink our strategies and to propose new solutions rather than continuing on this pessimistic track", added Ms. Nedelcheva.

In this regard, the Report highlights the importance of increasing children's awareness of gender equality through appropriate campaigns like those guiding boys and girls away from sectors traditionally reserved for men or women.

The place of women in decision making positions, traditionally taken by men, is another key element in the Report. Although often better qualified than men, women are sometimes denied access to positions of responsibility, leading the mismatch between their levels of training and their status.

The promotion of gender equality also involves combating all forms of physical, sexual or psychological violence against women.

"Taboos continue to be associated with certain forms of violence in our societies. Information about these forms of violence is scarce and there is, therefore, little awareness of their psychological or physical consequences which are considerable. The most recent example of which is the phenomenon of acid throwing", concluded Mariya Nedelcheva.

The Report by Ms. Nedelcheva was voted on in the FEMM Committee on 27 January and is due to be voted by Parliament during the Plenary Session in March.

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