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EPA Statement on the situation in Ukraine


03 Mar 2022


Global Europe

With great worry and disbelief the European Psychiatric Association (EPA) and its Council of National Psychiatric Associations witnesses the unfolding situation in Ukraine.

Representing more than 80,000 mental health care professionals all over Europe, including Ukraine and Russia, we remain as a medical association apolitical and neutral, but strongly condemn the use of violence and the act of war to solve political or other disputes.

EPA hopes and insists that calls for peaceful resolution will gain the upper hand, finding a way towards a quick resolution of this conflict.

As enshrined in international law, the EPA asks for the protection of civilians and health care professionals, including those working in mental health, and for the protection of health systems.  The provision of humanitarian and medical assistance to those in need should be prioritised.

In line with other European and international medical associations we call for agencies and organisations providing humanitarian aid in the region to receive the support and resources needed to respond to the crisis.

On behalf of the EPA, we ask you to consider contributing to organisations which are setting up relief efforts to help civilian casualties and refugees in the region.

Please keep an eye on our website for any updates on the matter, the relevant updates will be disseminated mainly there in the coming days.