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EP vote on the revision of Regulation 1370/2007: public services’ providers warn against inadequate rules


27 Feb 2014


Social Europe & Jobs

Today’s vote in the EP on the proposal amending Regulation 1370/2007 on passenger transport services raises some concerns regarding the adequacy of what may be the future rules and the needs of public transport providers from the field”, explained Valeria Ronzitti, General Secretary of CEEP.

CEEP agrees with the overall objective of the 4th Railway Package to “enhance the role of rail”. We also agree that the attractiveness of that mode of transport should absolutely be improved. “But we seriously doubt that this will be achieved through the proposal as it has been voted today”, continued Valeria Ronzitti.

Indeed, the proposal heavily transforms the compromises that had been achieved in the current Regulation 1370/2007 on the internal operator whereas no need for such a change has been justified. CEEP cannot accept that the proposal adds inadequate and disproportionate requirements for authorities opting for an internal operator, creating legal uncertainty and de facto harming the balance between tendering benefits and the need for direct award”.

The complexity added into the definition of public transport plans is also a major issue of concern for both operators and authorities. To be effective, public transport plans require simplicity and clarity in order to adapt effectively to the needs and specificities of communities. CEEP is therefore concerned about the confusion created by adding criteria into the definition of public transport plans that should normally be provided in the public service contract.

“This proposal creates more complexity and more legal uncertainty. Our major concern is that this is likely to restricts the capacity to innovate of public services’ providers, as they will lose the flexibility needed to anticipate and adapt to citizens’ and business’ needs” concluded Valeria Ronzitti.