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ENTSO-E launches the First European Resource Adequacy Assessment


23 Nov 2021



ENTSO-E launches the First European Resource Adequacy Assessment.

  • The ERAA provides an enormous leap forward compared to earlier Mid-Term Adequacy Forecasts.
  • The ERAA assesses how consumer demand can be met across the coming decade, which sets a path to a net-zero system.
  • This assessment takes into account how generation, demand response and other flexible capacity will be affected by evolving market dynamics.
  • This analysis is a valuable tool for policymakers, system operators, and other electricity stakeholders as we follow the important path towards climate neutrality.
  • The central role of electricity in this transition means TSOs must manage an increasingly complex system.
  • The key takeaway from ERAA 2021’s analysis is that Europe’s power system can, with planning, coordination and cooperation, provide secure electricity in the transition to net-zero.

Commenting on the publication, the ENTSO-E Secretary General, Sonya Twohig said: “Our work today is structured by the ambition of delivering net-zero GHG emissions by 2050, a task which requires coordination and cross-border cooperation. In delivering ERAA, ENTSO-E is meeting the need for comprehensive planning to ensure investments and regulatory decisions made today, are in line with our needs for the future. ERAA is a complete and immensely valuable tool delivered as a joint TSO effort for policy makers and anyone seeking to understand adequacy and market dynamics in coming years.” 

For more information, visit the ERAA website

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ENTSO-E, the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity, is the association for the cooperation of the European transmission system operators (TSOs). The 42 member TSOs, representing 35 countries, are responsible for the secure and coordinated operation of Europe’s electricity system, the largest interconnected electrical grid in the world. In addition to its core, historical role in technical cooperation, ENTSO-E is also the common voice of TSOs.