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The Energy System Integration and Hydrogen Strategies: a missed opportunity?


08 Jul 2020



The right intention but insufficient conclusions and actions. This is the summary of EUTurbines and EUGINE on the Energy System Integration Strategy presented today by the European Commission. While the Hydrogen Strategy has a more inclusive approach, the  Energy System Integration Strategy missed out concentrating on electrification instead of enabling all sectors to find their specific best approach to decarbonise through optimised interactions of the electricity, gas and heat networks.

“The Energy System Integration Strategy falls a bit short in promoting a truly connected energy system. The role of the gas infrastructure and of renewable and low-carbon gases seems to be limited to certain end-users only – forgetting the important role that renewable gas power generation will have in the future” Ralf Wezel, Secretary General of both organisations. “With energy efficiency being a key EU priority, we would have expected to see a more prominent role for the combined generation of heat and power in the strategy: our technologies are at the centre of system integration, efficiently connecting together the gas, electricity and heat sectors”.

“The Hydrogen Strategy shows a clear path to a much needed ramp-up in the production of clean and low-carbon hydrogen, which we welcome. In the same way, the role of hydrogen balancing a variable renewables-based system and offering a seasonal storage solution – which no other options can offer – is rightly recognised. This is precisely where our technology will be key: using the stored hydrogen to supply renewable dispatchable power and heat”.  

“While the use of hydrogen in power generation is recognised in the Hydrogen Strategy, the suggested actions often do not cover this key application, which will be increasingly valuable as the share of variable renewables increase in the system. Looking at the need to roll out our technologies for the use of hydrogen, we need more visibility and specific actions in the future Clean Hydrogen Alliance and the Clean Hydrogen Partnership, which should not be limited to fuel cells but also fully cover the gas turbine and gas engine technologies”.

Note for the editor:

EUGINE is the voice of the European engine power plants industry, representing the leading European manufacturers of this flexible, efficient, reliable and environmentally sound technology. Engine power plants are an optimal solution for both backing-up and generating renewable energy (e.g. with biogas). Cogeneration, the combined generation of power and heat/cold, is a typical engine power plant application providing highest efficiency. For more information please see

EUTurbines is the only association of European gas and steam turbine manufacturers. Its members are Ansaldo Energia, Baker Hughes, Doosan Skoda Power, GE Power, MAN Energy Solutions, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Siemens Gas and Power and Solar Turbines. EUTurbines advocates an economic and legislative environment for European turbine manufacturers to develop and grow R&I and manufacturing in Europe and promotes the role of turbine-based power generation in a sustainable, decarbonised European and global energy mix. For more information please see


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