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Energy efficiency industry: No European growth strategy without ambitious energy saving policies


21 May 2012



The European energy efficiency industry called on the Presidents of the European Commission and the Council, Mr Barroso and Mr Van Rompuy, to use the “growth-summit” in May and the EU Council on 28-29 June to include energy efficiency as a corner stone of Europe’s growth strategy. Energy efficiency is the single most (cost-) effective lever able to address the economic, social and environmental challenges whilst also being an engine-for-growth.

Oliver Loebel, Secretary General of PU Europe stated, “Latest IEA figures show that the EU is currently transferring €420 billion per year to other regions of the world to cover its fossil fuel needs. Most of this money is lost for the EU economy, but stimulates jobs, growth and innovation outside the Union. We have to keep the highest possible part of this tremendous amount within our own economies.”

Building renovation offers the highest direct job creation potential per Euro invested of all energy-related industries. It is also an area where public money has proven to be a high private investment multiplier making the natural link with ongoing discussions on the EU Multi Annual Financial Framework and the pivotal role these can play in taking away barriers.

“Investment in energy efficiency can stimulate economic growth while facilitating Europe’s move towards a low carbon society. However, for this to happen, we need a clear and binding legal framework. Council, Parliament and Commission should therefore show leadership and ensure that the Energy Efficiency Directive leads to national building refurbishment roadmaps with a view to reducing the energy demand of Europe’s buildings by 80 % by 2050” Loebel concluded.

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