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Empowering Democracy: A Handbook on Implementing Participatory Budgeting in the EU


05 Apr 2024


Public Affairs

In response to the growing need for democratic renewal and citizen engagement across the European Union, our forthcoming handbook aims to serve as a comprehensive guide to the implementation of participatory budgeting. PB is a beacon of democratic innovation, offering a way to strengthen the legitimacy of decision-making processes and promote meaningful citizen participation at the local level.

Our central objective is to develop a policy agenda for PB within the EU framework. Through the "Handbook of EU Participatory Budgeting", we propose a set of principles and priorities tailored to the context of the EU Cohesion Policy and related funding programmes. By setting measurable objectives and outcomes, we aim to make a significant contribution to the democratic renewal of local communities, regional bodies, national perspectives and the EU as a whole.

The handbook is carefully designed to cater to civil servants across various levels, from EU institutions to local governments in member states. 

When the handbook is published, you will be able to find the following contents: 

  • First, a roadmap for civil servants, policymakers and stakeholders, offering actionable insights and recommendations for promoting inclusive decision-making processes in local, regional and national contexts.
  • Second, the handbook provides many examples of PB from participating DEMOTEC partners and others. 
  • Third, there will be theory. We believe that an accessible, theoretical foundation is helpful for policymakers, civil servants, and politicians as it presents key dilemmas and issues that require careful deliberation and decision-making, and sets the stage for practical applications and challenges in citizen engagement.
  • Fourth, many empirical insights from the DEMOTEC research. There are three chapters dedicated to presenting key findings and experiences garnered from various studies, offering practical insights into contemporary challenges.
  • Finally, policy recommendations in a pivotal chapter that outlines actionable principles and priorities for EU funding and policy frameworks, as well as national and local authorities. The recommendations are tailored to address the diverse needs and contexts within the EU.


The handbook is scheduled to be published in the summer of 2024.