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20 Feb 2019


Global Europe

The Party of the European Left (EL), gathered in its Executive Board in Brussels on 26 and 27 January, expresses the absolute rejection of the attempted coup in Venezuela and denounces the escalation of pressure and actions of the Government of the United States preparing a military intervention, which they call "humanitarian intervention".

With this manipulation of the Venezuelan issue, the Government of the United States once again demonstrates its absolute contempt for International Law and the Charter of the United Nations.

We recall that the presidential elections in Venezuela were held in advance on the base of the request of the opposition, with the participation of 17 parties and 4 candidates, with the same electoral system that allowed the opposition to win the parliamentary elections. In the presidential elections, there were more than 150 international observers and 18 audits were made. Nicolás Maduro won the elections with 67.4% of the votes cast, while the following candidates, Henri Falcón and Javier Bertucci, had 20.93% and 10,82% respectively. None of the losing candidates presented any objection.

The EL equally denounces the support or passivity of many countries of the European Union (EU) and calls on the EU to enforce the principle of legality and non- interference in the internal affairs of another country and not to follow the rulings of interventionist governments that can lead to a dramatic armed conflict.

Venezuela needs peaceful mediation, non-interference and respect for its self- determination. The EL recognizes Nicolás Maduro as the sole and legitimate President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and urges all sincere democrats to do the same.


Maite Mola
In charge of International Relations for the EL Brussels, 20 February 2019





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