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14 Sep 2016


EU Priorities 2020
Social Europe & Jobs

CEEP welcomes and supports the vision and agenda for the next 12 months presented today by Jean-Claude Juncker during the State of the Union. We indeed believe that the EU needs to finally bring answers to the major challenges faced by EU citizens, and build up the EU’s future on those answers.

For public services’ providers and employers, one of the main challenge remains to boost growth and jobs in Europe. This issue encompasses several dimensions, including the genuine integration of refugees who will make a real positive contribution to EU labours markets’ prosperity in the medium- and long-term.
In that context, investment remains the key word, both in the EU and in countries of origin. Therefore, we particularly welcome the call from the European Commission to prolong the lifespan of the Investment Plan until 2020, as well as the idea of setting up a European External Investment Plan.

However, the focus of those investments keeps missing a social dimension: “Prolonging the EFSI to boost investments in Europe is a necessary initiative”, said Valeria Ronzitti, CEEP General Secretary. But the list of priority areas identified by the Commission remain incomplete. “Investments in transport, energy and the circular economy are of course absolutely vital. But those in healthcare, housing, social services and education are equally vital and received very little funding with ‘EFSI 1.0’”, added Valeria Ronzitti.
“Better channelling investments to projects’ promoters remains an important priority and referring to the social economy in this regard is not enough. We call on the Council and the Parliament to reinforce the initial legislative proposal on EFSI 2.0, with a specific focus on investments in social infrastructures” concluded Ms Ronzitti.