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Edig@s v.6 furthers the harmonisation of message exchange on the gas market


27 Aug 2020



The newly released version 6 of Edig@s, the electronic message standard for the gas market, further harmonises the different messages exchanged by gas players to achieve a more aligned implementation across Europe. The standard, developed by EASEE-gas, is available for free to all European gas market players. 

Jarle Rønnevik, who is leading EASEE-gas’ work on Edig@s said, “With version 5 of Edig@s, we have noticed deviations and differences in the way the standard was implemented. Therefore, we designed this new version to clarify and streamline implementation. Edig@s version 6 leaves less room for interpretation and will contribute to better harmonisation.” 

The most important change concerns the Nomination and Matching process which is part of the network code on interoperability and data exchange. Furthermore, the new version will be easier and simpler to maintain thanks to the use of an Enterprise Architecture model which allows for changes to be automatically implemented across applications. 

To ensure a smooth transition, Edig@s version 5 will continue to be maintained and supported by EASEE-gas for a period of five years.

Jarle added, “Edig@s was first created in 1996 and since then we have continuously worked to improve it to better respond to the needs of a dynamic European gas market. We strongly encourage all gas players in Europe to start using this new version of Edig@s. It will require minimal effort for big results: companies will save time and costs while contributing to the harmonisation of the European gas market.”

Download Edig@s version 6 here

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