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EDAA Consumer Research shortlisted in IAB Europe Research Awards


26 May 2020



EDAA is excited to announce its 2019 consumer research, titled How EU citizens perceive digital advertising since GDPR, was shortlisted in 3 separate categories of the 2020 IAB Europe Research Awards.

  • Digital Advertising and Marketing Industry Insights
  • Best Use of Research Budget
  • Consumer Attitudes and Behaviour

The winners will be published on 3 June during IAB Europe Interact virtual event.

EDAA’s consumer research was conducted with MTM in March 2019 in France, Germany, Poland, Spain & the UK to explore consumer attitudes and perceptions towards online advertising and determine how these may have changed since the introduction of GDPR. 

MTM is delighted that this excellent study is being recognised. In these challenging times, with our physical worlds diminished by the novel coronavirus, it is more important than ever that the digital advertising industry can get the basics right and ensure a transparent and thriving ecosystem for consumers and the economy. This project shines a light on the progress made, and work still to be done

The Numbers to Back it up

Digital advertising generated an annual revenue of €55.1 billion in 2018 in Europe, continuing its growth year on year. And while the use of data drove 90% of annual growth in the digital advertising market, data-driven advertising is over 500% more effective than advertising without data and is crucial for providing advertisers with transparency on who sees their ads[1].

In parallel, EDAA’s research shows a continuously growing awareness of the AdChoices Icon, going from 1 in 4 consumers surveyed in 2015 to 1 in 3 in 2019. The understanding of EDAA’s industry initiative to give control over tailored advertising choices is also on the rise, while 40% of respondents agree they feel more knowledgeable since GDPR about the way in which information about them is collected and used online.

As demonstrated in the graphs below from EDAA’s 2019 consumer research, users of the AdChoices icon feel more informed, have a better understanding of data use, and are more receptive towards Data-Driven advertising and personalisation.

These results are informing EDAA’s assessment of shifts in consumer perspectives as it looks to further develop the industry’s self-regulatory programme for the benefit of consumers and industry alike. Read the full research here and sign up for our updates to be kept up to date on our latest developments.

IAB Europe Research Awards

This annual competition showcases the very best of digital advertising from across Europe. We are thankful to the Awards jury of experts from across the digital advertising and research industry for their interest in our research.

[1] IHS Markit Research, 2016