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Economy and Community: a huge unexploited potential?


15 Jun 2015


Euro & Finance
Sustainable Dev.
Climate & Environment
- in Belgium, the money untouched accounts amounts for euros 360 billion, and it amounts to more than what is needed for the Juncker Plan;
- the first financial instruments conveying private retailers in only two EU countries, made of small amounts collected in two years, was more than the Juncker Plan. Mr. Alex Houtart (previously BNP Paribas) will discuss this enormous unexploited potential that could be channeled to renewable energy projects with local participation;
- the process can help connect and reward local communities with their own energy development and diversifying the funding sources. Aside of traditional public sources and institutional investors, local money is a low-cost funding source for renewable energy products. 
Inspired by last year feedback, Sacchi Consulting is organizing the second edition of the conference «Economy and community: a partnership for development», the 18th of June, during the EUSEW, European Union Sustainable Energy Week. At the L42 space, in Brussels, international panelists coming from different background will discuss some aspects of participative economy applied to the energy sector – legislative and policy framework, financing aspects, practical cases and experiences.
Speakers include:
  • A member of the European Commission (DG CLIMATE) - tbc
  • Pedro Palencia, Regulatory and energy expert of UNEF
  • Michel De Kemmeter, a Belgian economist specialised in new economy
  • Alex Houtart, a specialist of new financing tools, previously at BNP PARIBAS
  • Alexandre Roesche, representative of EPIA
  • Jo Van Cauwenberge, Director of GoodPlanet Belgium
Moderator: Alex Puissant (Belgian journalist)
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