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EBA praises the decarbonization potential recognition of clean heating technologies running on renewable gases


16 Mar 2023



Brussels 14/02/23 – On the 14th of March, the European Parliament adopted in Plenary sitting the ITRE Report on the revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, a milestone in the decarbonization of the buildings sector.

EBA praises the European Parliament for clearly recognizing the decarbonization potential of heating technologies certified to run on renewable gases, such as biogas and biomethane.

Buildings are the EU’s single largest source of energy consumption, accounting for 36% of CO2 emissions and 40% of total energy consumption, of which 60% is taken up by heating. 

Renewable energy sources in the heating and cooling sector are lagging behind and cover only 23% of energy consumption. In order to ensure that EU buildings are ready to positively contribute towards a carbon neutral, resilient and cost-effective energy system, all clean heating technologies will be needed.

Hybrid heat pumps and boilers running on renewable fuels are affordable, mature, and scalable solutions that can as of now complement electrification and play a fundamental role in phasing out fossil gas by 2050 and achieving the EU’s climate objectives.

The upcoming interinstitutional negotiations within European Parliament and Council will be a precious opportunity to provide a level playing field for the further deployment of heating technologies running on renewable fuels.


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