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Easier access to Europe for students and researchers


26 Feb 2014


Innovation & Enterprise
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“Facilitating stays in Europe for researchers, students and trainees from third countries offers real added-value for growth and jobs. We need to attract, develop and keep new talents to sustain our knowledge- based economies," said Anna Maria Corazza Bildt, EPP Group spokesperson on a Directive, adopted by the European Parliament, to simplify the conditions of entry and admission to the EU for students, researchers, volunteers, trainees, school pupils and au pairs from third countries.
After the upcoming EP elections, the next parliament will negotiate with the Council for the final adoption of this Directive.
The new rules clarify the conditions for entry, ensuring legal certainty.  Applicants have to show, for instance, that they have sufficient resources to live in the Member State concerned. They will not, therefore, be dependent on the national security system. Mobility within the EU for researchers, students, trainees and volunteers to complete their experience in another Member State is also an improvement.
"Our target has been to strike the right balance between facilitating entry, avoiding abuse and ensuring fair treatment. We have achieved common clear and simple rules overcoming fragmentation and complex procedures," Anna Maria Corazza Bildt continued.
It is important that students and researchers have access to work during and after their studies in a Member State within a clearly defined framework and time limit. National labour laws will apply and Member States will decide on the number of admissions they will grant.
"To boost research and innovation, we need new competences, diversity and cross fertilisation. That's Europe's challenge to be a more competitive global actor,"  concluded Anna Maria Corazza Bildt.
The EPP Group is by far the largest political group in the European Parliament with 274 Members from 27 Member States.
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