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Doubling collective passenger transport by bus, coach and taxi to achieve safe, green and efficient mobility for all


30 Aug 2011



The IRU urges the European Parliament to set doubling the use of collective passenger transport by bus, coach and taxis as a strategic objective of the EU mobility and public transport policy.

Brussels – Following the publication in March of the European Commission White Paper on the future of the EU transport policy until 2050, and prior to the European Parliament debate on the future of the European transport policy on 8 September, the International Road Transport Union (IRU) urges Members of the European Parliament to establish the doubling of collective passenger transport by bus, coach and taxis as a strategic EU objective in order to meet ambitious safety and environmental targets and achieve sustainable mobility.

IRU Vice President and President of the IRU Passenger Transport Council, Graham Smith, stressed, “Buses, coaches and taxis are the largest public transport providers in the EU.  Moreover, they are the backbone of the commercial passenger transport chain as they complement and empower other commercial passenger transport modes. Buses’ and coaches’ excellent safety, environmental and efficiency records, coupled with taxis’ tailor-made services, make them instrumental in being able to achieve the extremely ambitious EU transport policy objectives.”

To double the use of buses, coaches and taxis, the IRU recommends that the European Commission develops, in Public-Private partnership, a dedicated strategy and Action Plan on how to effectively promote collective passenger transport by bus, coach and taxi through business-friendly legislation and support for industry’s best practices and user-friendly initiatives, such as the mobility hit of the decade, the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), a modern transit system with the flexibility of buses, and the speed, comfort and reliability of rail, which offers a comprehensive mass transit service at a fraction of typical costs and enjoys growing popularity around the world. 

“Only by placing buses, coaches and taxis at the heart of public transport policy, using the numerous best industry practices implemented throughout the world that have encouraged significant shifts from cars to collective passenger transport, can policy-makers create the necessary legislative, market and operational conditions to encourage behavioural change in citizens’ mobility patterns at the lowest cost for society,” Graham Smith concluded.

Industry recommendations and best practices will be presented and discussed on the occasion of the panel debate jointly organised by the European Parliament, the European Commission and the IRU on 7 September in Brussels on “The Role and Place of Collective Passenger Transport by Bus, Coach and Taxi in the EU Transport System and Policy”. 

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