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DITTA supports the publication of New Industry Standard on Refurbishment


20 Apr 2016


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Tokyo,  Japan,  20  April  2016—DITTA*,  The  Global  Diagnostic  Imaging, Healthcare IT & Radiation Therapy Trade Association welcomes the publication of the  standard  NEMA/MITA  1-2015  Good  Refurbishment  Practices  for  Medical Imaging Equipment.  This standard builds on years of work by DITTA members, and lays  out  the  quality  management  and  process  requirements  for  refurbishment  of medical imaging equipment.

Such a standard provides  the  preferred  way towards a  standardized  approach to refurbishment  of  medical  imaging  equipment,  complementing  regulatory obligations  while  using  an  additional  potential  to  contribute  to  circular  economy. This standard clarifies for regulators and users of imaging equipment what is the standard reference to ensure that such equipment will be as safe and effective as when new.

The  DITTA  Chair  Satoshi  Kimura  says  “This  standard  is  built  on  best  practices gained  from  industry  experience  for  refurbishment  performed  over  decades.  It ensures  that  refurbishment  results  in  equipment  meeting  the  intended  use, performance and safety specifications as defined by the original manufacturer, and will lead to improved patient access to advanced healthcare.” DITTA Chair added: “DITTA chose to have this industry standard published by NEMA/MITA,  as  one  of the recognized standards development organizations.”

NEMA  MITA  1-2015  may  be  downloaded  at  no  cost  on  the  NEMA  website.



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*DITTA is the united global industry voice for diagnostic imaging, radiation therapy, healthcare IT, electromedical and radiopharmaceuticals, representing more than 600 medical technology manufacturers, committed to improving health care and patient outcomes. DITTA was created in 2001 by four organisations: COCIR (Europe), JIRA (Japan), MEDEC (Canada) and MITA (United States). In 2012, DITTA was incorporated as a non-profit trade association in order to allow growth and enable partnership in global regulatory fora. Since its inception, membership has grown significantly, and today counts ten associations amongst its members. In 2015, DITTA granted the NGO status in official relationship with World Health Organization. Visit DITTA website at


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